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Below is all you need to know before going to London


  1. London is home to more than 8 million people that have different backgrounds and cultures making this place truly unique.

  2. Given its diversity, the food scene is huge here allowing you to tuck into quality delicious dishes from all around the world.

  3. The UK is especially big on curries, which although originally a south Asian dish brought in with the large population that migrated to the UK, it has been adapted for British tastes and is now considered one of the national dishes. A must try on your visit.

  4. Main local British dishes include Fish & Chips, Sausages & Mash and Sunday Roasts. You should also try their English Breakfast which boasts bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns (fried potatoes), mushrooms, tomatoes and black pudding (pig blood and fat). There are vegetarian versions too.

  5. Tipping is not required in the UK although some people do so in restaurants and bars. A 10% tip is acceptable. Some restaurants will add a 12.5% service charge which is shown on the receipt. This is a tip and can be removed if you would like (e.g. if you are not happy with the service).

  6. 20% VAT is typically included within the price. This is a tax and therefore you can’t remove it. Item prices shown on a menu are final prices i.e. include VAT (however service charge/tip is not included within the menu price).


  1. When going up the escalators in tube stations, if you don’t want to walk up always stand on the right to let people pass you on the left. This is important.

  2. People drive on the left hand side. London gets very congested and therefore it is advisable to use the underground tube to travel around London.

  3. You can purchase tube day travel tickets at stations or pay with your contactless bank debit or credit cards directly by tapping on the card sign on the barriers in a tube station.

  4. When purchasing a day ticket you will need to choose your travelling zones. Zones 1 - 2 cover the majority of the tourist attractions but you need to check where your hotel is to see if it is in these zones. Please see zone information here.

  5. If using your debit/credit card or oyster for pay as you go journeys (i.e. not purchasing a day travel ticket but just tapping in and out for each journey) then prices will be capped for the day. Capping allows you to travel as much as you like in a single day and limits the amount you pay for all your travel. When the total cost for all journeys reaches a pre-determined limit, a cap is applied. When you reach a cap, you won't be charged for further journeys in the same zones for the rest of the day. For zones 1-2, price is capped at £6.80 for the day.

  6. One of the best apps to use for traveling in London is City Mapper. It will show you how to get from A to B through the underground tube or bus and how long it will take. Typically, all you need to identify a location is the postcode, which is 6-7 alphanumeric characters (e.g. SW1A 0AA).

  7. The price you pay when traveling by London Transport will differ depending on what time you travel. Peak travel is on weekdays between 6:30am to 9:30am and 4:30pm to 7:00pm and is slightly more expensive and much more congested as this is when people go to work / home. Try to avoid traveling during peak time if possible.

Pubs, bars and clubs

  1. The UK takes gold medals for whiskey, gin, ales, ciders and beers. You can enjoy those drinks across a range of venues and institutions. The 3 main venues are pubs, bars and clubs.

  2. Pubs are the traditional local drinking venues, some of which have been around since the 18th century, bringing joy and connection to the masses. They typically open from around 12pm to 11pm (you will hear a bell ring to signal last orders). They usually excel at ales, beers and ciders and serve local British food. The only music you will hear is crowd chatter.

  3. Bars open later and close around 12/1am. They don’t usually serve food but will have music on, genre depending on the bar.

  4. London has world class clubs, bringing in local and world known talents, playing all genres from jazz to techno. Clubs typically open at 10pm and can go all the way to 11am the next day depending on the club.


  1. Tap water is safe to drink in the UK.

  2. Brits love to talk about the weather as it never stops changing. It can be sunny and rainy at the same time so check the weather before heading out for your day.

  3. Brits love to queue and it’s important not to cut through. Be patient and talk to someone about the weather.

  4. Most tourists and Brits confuse Tower Bridge with London Bridge. Tower Bridge is the one to see.

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